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Empower a Gonzo Girl NOW!
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"In Colombia, 20% of teenage girls
get pregnant before the age of 18."
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"Education is the gateway to a better life.
We utilize soccer as the gateway to a
better education."
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"Because of Gonzo I've learned discipline,
generosity, and leadership which helps me
better myself and more importantly help others."

Kelly - Full scholarship, Hope College

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USA, Mexico & Colombia


To develop maximum fitness and soccer skills
Highest quality coaches in the area


Tutoring in areas of academic weakness
English classes for Latin American programs
College prep


Prevent common pitfalls of girls from underserved communities
Nutrition, leadership, teamwork, self-esteem
Sports psychology

  • "When I first heard the story of what Gonzo Soccer was doing I fell instantly in love. This is how we combat violence against women—by empowering mothers while they’re still children. The life-changing potential will reach across generations it is a multiplying efffect!"

    Cecilia Vales, Executive Director Mexico & Latin America
  • “Through our life skills sessions, I learn more about what life is like for young latino girls today, which gives me insight into the unique challenges that unite every young girl from Chicago to Colombia, and everywhere in between.”

    Alyse LaHue, Founder Gonzo Soccer
  • "Working with others is a fundamental part of all our lives, and yet we rarely take the time to ask ourselves how we can become a better teammate. Sport provides the perfect climate for children to cultivate the seeds of self-discovery and social intelligence."

    Monica Gonzalez, Founder Gonzo Soccer